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Posted by on Sep 19, 2019 | 3 Comments

When: Aug, 2019
Duration: Half an hour
What: A man reading the newspaper
Where: Castle Park, Bristol
Details: During my lunch break this guy was keeping up to date with what “was poppin'”. Good sun = good lighting.

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  1. Brigitte Brocato
    19th July, 2020

    Hello Ainslley, thank you for your reply. Yes, this is an unusual and very difficult time globally, mostly here in the US at this time. This horrible virus is so devastating for so many people everywhere.
    Perhaps we can learn from this challenging time, spending more time with family at this time. Finding joy in every day life, flowers, birds singing, and keeping a sense of humor about things we cannot do much about. Enjoy each day and keep working.
    Brigitte Brocato

  2. Brigitte Brocato
    13th April, 2020

    I enjoy your illustrations. I am a writer and illustrator of educational children’s picture books in several languages and a member of the Society of children’s Book Writers and Illustrators SCBWI, an international organization. My favorite the little boy reading a newspaper while toilet training.
    Things are terrible here in the US, the virus has killed more people here, specifically the elderly who are totally isolated from family, the homeless, drug addicts and alcoholics with no one to care for them.
    Many people out of work and devastated.
    I hope our lives will go back to normal soon. I miss our family and friends, theater, lectures, Museum visits, concerts etc. My husband observe the strict rules implemented by our Governor, staying busy working from home.

    • Ains
      13th April, 2020

      Hi Brigitte, thank you for the kind words. Yes it’s tough times, I hope we learn to appreciate the little things more once we can go back outside. I think from a positive point of view, it’s allowed to take stock and realise the simple things we take for granted. Take care of yourself and hope you pass the time as easily as possible.