Chronicles of Colombia

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A couple of months ago I was in Colombia doing a bit of reconnecting with family, improving Spanish and, of course drawing…

My new favourite sketchbook: Leuchtturm 1917

Santa Marta

My trip started in Santa Marta, on the northern coast of Colombia. A place of beaches and heat.

Taganga Beach, Santa Marta, Colombia
Boys will be boys in Santa Marta
Tayrona National Park beach, there’s something in the water
Juan Valdez coffee predicament
Cafe coffee loner
Another beach in Santa Marta where the shit was being shot
Playa Blanca woman feeling her phone


Next up was Medellín. What a lovely city.

I was caught in a downpour so took refuge in the entrance of a mall and drew this.
Various faces in Medellín – everyone just wants to be seen.
Legs for days in another cafe adventure
Man waiting for his flight. “No one gonna take my yellow!”


Cali, the home of perennial heat and salsa.

A swimming pool I found
Cali Zoo


Bogotá is a city.

Typewriters in a restaurant in the middle of nowhere and the wildest plant I’ve ever seen


I took a short trip to Cusco in Peru.

At 4 am in Lima airport it resembled a homeless shelter where people were clinging to whatever power outlet they could find
When your captain decides to sit in the middle of the plane, you know it’s smooth sailing

Finally, here is a speed painting video I recorded of the Valle de Cocoro:

Well that’s all folks. I didn’t get as much drawing done as I’d like but I think you get the gist of Colombia with these. Let me know if you have any thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Lisa Carmen
    8th June, 2019

    I really like Coffee and Faces in Medellin, Legs For Days and Man Waiting For Flight. Can’t wait for your next newsletter… ❤️

    • Ains
      3rd July, 2019

      Thanks Lis! Well that’s inspired me to do more frequent newsletters!

  2. Michelle
    6th June, 2019

    My goodness Ainsley, your work really inspires me. Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed the entire post and the video was a real treat to watch! I just love your drawing style – so edgy and even your sketchbook drawings are personalized with quirky additions and unique observations. Well done on drawing so much in between traveling and spending time with family.

    • Ains
      3rd July, 2019

      Thanks Michelle! It’s always great to hear what people like about your work. Sometimes I think, “Am I the only person that enjoys this kind of stuff?!” So I really appreciate you taking the time to share that!


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