For those that like to take the beach wherever they go. You steal sand, you’re going to sand jail.

Man leaving beach with cases full of sand - Ainsley Knott


  1. Carina
    21st August, 2015

    Almost as if i can feel the heat of the sun on the T-shirt too.

    I studied Chiaroscuro a few years ago for his lighting techniques….wonderful!
    But i found Vermeer’s work very inspiring and loved how he used lighting in his paintings.
    Yes lighting certainly put another dimension into a scene doesn’t it.

    • Ains
      22nd August, 2015

      Definitely. And that’s why I like to use a lot of strong shadows in my work, it’s more visually impacting.

  2. Ains
    19th August, 2015

    Thank you Carina, working out the shadows in the thing I enjoy the most.

  3. Carina
    19th August, 2015

    Your use of lighting really adds to the drawing.