I worked with Picnic studio to create the animated opening title sequence for feature film “Double Date”.

I provided keyframes, which dictated the overall look and the studio worked their magic turning them into this graphic animation. The studio wanted to have a flickering strobe lighting effect for each scene, which meant that I needed to create two versions of most of the images, each version lit from a different light source.

I’ve uploaded the final edit followed by the original illustrations I created for them.

*Warning: scenes of a sexual and violent nature*

Woman stabbing with blood splatter - Ainsley Knott

Women back stabbing blood splattering - Ainsley Knott

Stuffed rabbit head and knife chopping finger - Ainsley Knott

Half lit woman looking scared - Ainsley Knott

Family picture frame on table, splattered with blood - Ainsley Knott

Close of and eye, splattered with blood - Ainsley Knott

Wide eyed corpse in body bag - Ainsley Knott

Corpse with hand a hand reaching towards it - Ainsley Knott

A hand taking car keys from corpse - Ainsley Knott

Mansion at night lit by car headlights - Ainsley Knott

Corner of town house lit by street lamp - Ainsley Knott

Man sat on bed looking at phone - Ainsley Knott

Mail on doormat in house - Ainsley Knott

Calendar with birthday date circled - Ainsley Knott

Hanging pub sign at night - Ainsley Knott

Half lit guy in pub - Ainsley Knott

Two police cars in street - Ainsley Knott

Condom wrapper - Ainsley Knott