Album artwork I created for 7″ record release by Atki2 entitled Bubble. The song is about getting crazy on the dance floor so I wanted to try and create that feeling of elation and carefree-ness that comes when losing yourself to the music.


  1. Carina
    21st August, 2015

    I guess that’s the secret, ‘actively’. I knew at a young age I wanted to be a graphic designer but never took my drawing skills further, however occasionally over the years i do portraits, oil paintings, etc. [more as a hobby]. I never did use sketchbooks, so my error.

    Yes i am always seeking out other artists and have a plethora of reference, best i get down to doing my own and being great at that. 😉


  2. Carina
    19th August, 2015

    I forgot…..someone on one of your posts mentioned about being ‘therapeutic’….I’d have to agree with that. When I do portraits, there’s a certain amount of satisfaction and that therapeutic moment in drawing and i also wander off into a different world. How about yourself? Where do you go.? I try to capture the person’s expression and how they are feeling, etc. I guess we all try to capture different things. Maybe it is a silly question, we are all trying to capture ‘the moment’.

    • Ains
      19th August, 2015

      Well for this one, it was actually for a friends record launch and that’s why it’s square format, as it was for the record cover.

      I only had a short time to do it, and he just gave me a theme of people getting crazy on the dancefloor to work with.

      This perspective came to mind and I did my best to work with the angles and foreshortening.

      • Carina
        21st August, 2015

        Great! He should definitely be happy with that.

        Did you use reference or take some photos at all or was it all from your head? Hope you don’t mind me asking.

        Perspective certainly gave it a great look.

        • Ains
          22nd August, 2015

          I didn’t use any reference for this one. I wanted to challenge myself by relying on what I’ve learned in perspective and lighting.
          Plus I think it would’ve been pretty hard to get that low on the dancefloor without being danced on.

  3. Carina
    19th August, 2015

    Hi Ainsley,

    Love your drawings and sketches! You have a natural talent, wish i could do the same. i like doing portraits but i don’t have the same drawing ability as yourself. i especially like how you can just capture true perspectives and each drawing you do is consistent and has a really lovely flow. I also noticed many of your illustrations tell a story, it obviously pays off to sketch everywhere you go too! Great work!

    All the best to you!


    • Ains
      19th August, 2015

      Thanks for the kind words Carina. I’d say I had somewhat of an early innate ability for drawing things but I actively spent time getting good at it. I look back on my sketchbooks from years ago from when I was much younger and there were things that looked really off.

      Try and find other people that are good and learn from them, I learnt a lot from other artists. It really quickens your progression.