These are illustrations I’ve produced for the website Conversatial, a website dedicated to overheard snippets of conversation.

I get given the snippet to illustrate without knowing anything about where it came from or in what context it was used. It is great fun working on these as it test my power of imagination and creativity.

Each illustration is accompanied with the conversation snippet (conversatial) I was given to work from.

Man with long hair walking - Ainsley Knott

Person 1: “Your hair looks in good condish?”
Person 2: “Thanks … it’s always in good condish!”
Person 1: “Yeah, but it looks, like, shiny.”
Person 2: “Yeah.”



Skateboarders in park sitting on bench - Ainsley Knott

Person 1: “Do you like death?”
Person 2: “Er …”
Person 1: “The world is going to end tomorrow. I look forward to it.”
Person 2: “Why’s that?”
Person 1: “I think it will be relaxing”

Man trying to get pig down from roof - Ainsley Knott

 “I just want to clean you”

Shape for head father and son - Ainsley Knott

Son: “Shall we shape daddy’s head off?”
Dad: “No. Daddy likes his head where it is.”
Son: “No!”
Dad: “I see what you’re getting at, but …”

Baby having his cheeks squeezed - Ainsley Knott

“You always hurt my face!”

Hula hoop deathmatch blood - Ainsley Knott

“Don’t forget to bring your hips.”

Dog in park standing on giant yellow ball - Ainsley Knott

 “You just can’t resist a big yellow ball”   

Plinth in hallway with woman's chest on top - Ainsley Knott

 “…going on about your boobs in the hallway.” 

Sharpener with Not For Kids written on - Ainsley Knott

 “Oh no, I don’t like children. I can’t stand them, actually. I want to sharpen a pencil and poke them.”

Child sitting on toilet reading the newspaper - Ainsley Knott

“It’s funny how children … shit!”

An illustration from the website Conversatial.