Pre/During ‘Quarantina’ Diptych

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Below is an image I created for a new drawing challenge on Doodle Addicts. The prompt was to create a Diptych image of life pre/post quarantine. So I took this opportunity to use one of my existing illustrations and create a new illustration alongside it:

I had an idea for a message I wanted to convey with these two images. During quarantine a lot of people have been learning to appreciate what we took for granted. In this image, pre-quarantine, the girl (Quarantina) is seen relaxing in nature on a sunny day. However, she’s ignoring the natural wonders of her surroundings and choosing to be absorbed in her mobile phone.

In the post-quarantine side, she is seen on her bed with the window wide open, blasting through sunlight. On her bed she is obsessively drawing scenes of nature which is symbolic of her realising how much she misses the ability to be outside and now appreciates what she once took for granted.

I hope you like it and perhaps it resonates with your lockdown experience a little. Let me know in the comments below.

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