A little bit of watercolour

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Well, before I get into the colour I’d thought share one other pencil drawing following on from my last post about pencils:

Here is a duck lady enjoying her coffee, captured when I went to Green Refectory cafe. I really took more time over smoothing out the line work and getting a nice blended shade. I especially like the unicorn toe point, though I was confused when I thought she was wearing two different shoes, but then worked out she had the tops of one tucked into her trou.

The scanner is a lot better at picking up the pencil tones now after I fiddled around with the settings! HUZAA!


So, I saw somewhere a while back when Googling refillable brush pens, that they can actually be used as watercolour brushes, but without the need for a pot of water. I’ve been meaning to try this out for some time, and a few days ago I decided to clean all the ink out of one of my pens and fill the ink chamber with water.

HOT DOG! It worked.

I played around with it for a bit on some more cafe sketches:

I like the way it makes the simple black and white ink sketches pop a lot more.

Here I used a Copic marker to draw these stripes on the hood and then washed over it with watercolour. I had to go over the black again with ink again as the watercolour paint faded the ink.

Not my finest hand. This man looking longingly into his phone.

I’ve never been a fan of watercolour paints because I always found them to difficult to control, and the colours were just never vibrant enough for my taste. But using the brush pen I find it so much easier to control the paint, I still find them a little weak for colouring full images but like the idea of using them in a more subtle way; i.e to apply shading to a picture or just adding one or two bits of colour.

Let me know what you guys think!

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  1. Stefan
    28th May, 2017

    Ainsley keep going with these watercolour touches. To me, it’s your best style by far! The hoodie girl evokes E H Shepard, the illustrator of the original Winnie the Pooh books, and he was GOOD.

    • Ains
      1st June, 2017

      Thanks Stef, glad you like it. I’ll see what becomes of it.