Copic Pen Shading

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Video Number Five

Another video was made! In this one, I chat a little bit about shading, specifically Copic marker shading. I take you through a quick process of how I shaded the image below.

Bread holding illustration showing Copic pen shading

The joys of bread

Copic Markers are a pretty popular tool for colouring artwork, and especially for shading ink drawings. They come in almost any tone imaginable, which is great, but also not so great if you’re a little indecisive. I pretty much only use them for shading; however, some people really go to town with them. Check out this artist who can’t be stopped: Erin Nicholls Instagram

And here are some of my previous examples :

Illustration of hands with 3 different Copic pens

Three different Copic colours

Illustration of man waiting for the bus shaded by Copic

Sideways benchin’

Illustration of the waiting room shaded by Copic pens

The waiting room

In the video my new camera stand is attached to the table, which is a little wobbly, so I apologise for the camera shakes. I don’t know what I was thinking but it’s all a learning process, and the next video won’t have the shakes.

I hope you enjoy it, but more importantly I hope you can handle it:

I would love to hear what you think about the video, the content, or about anything you want to know more on. Just let me know below! Until next time!

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  1. Michelle
    15th November, 2018

    Love this video, also that the shading is done with such nice colours as apposed to greys…really makes the illustration pop!
    Yeah it’s a bit shaky and when you drew on the legs part some of it was cut off, but like you say, you’re still figuring this out.
    Love the different paper textures in the illustration too, adds real interest.
    Would love to see more videos from you doing your thing. Thank you for sharing!

    • Ains
      19th November, 2018

      Thanks Mich! Yeah I prefer shading generally in purple or red hues because I find it more gives the image warmth. I have sorted out my camera stand now, glad you’re enjoying them. I’m still working out what kind of videos to make. Anything you’d like to see in particular?

  2. Sarah Tallon
    7th November, 2018

    Heya, neat video bar the wobble, although my main issue is the soundtrack, it’s too loud and drowns you out.
    Other than that, cool video.

    • Ains
      10th November, 2018

      Hey Sarah, thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it! Yes, that’s what I thought also. I’m still learning the editing software so every vid is a new lesson. Another thing that I’ll figure out for the next vid!

  3. Brigitte Brocato
    6th November, 2018

    The shading added so much to the happy mood of the illustration. Well done!

    • Ains
      6th November, 2018

      Thanks Brigitte! I’m glad you think so. I always think shading just gives an image that little bit extra.

  4. Matt D
    6th November, 2018

    Have you ever used Prismacolor markers? How do they compare to the Copics you use? I have Prismas, but I’m shopping around. Also, what kind of paper is that? I use Beinfang Marker Paper but I’m also considering switching to a bristol board so I can use a combination of dip pens and markers.

    • Ains
      6th November, 2018

      Hey Matt, I haven’t actually used Prismacolors before but I found this which seems a pretty good comparison:

      From what I can tell Prismas are cheaper, but not as good quality. Apparently you can get refills for Copics which actually works out cheaper.

      The papers where a mish mash of all sorts – actually they were mostly the inside patterns of paper envelopes, from mail I received.

      To be honest I haven’t yet gone down the route of testing many papers. I say yet because I want to, so I know what pens and what pencils go best with each paper.


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