Some New Drawing Videos

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I made a couple of videos. One’s a tutorial video on warm up exercises for drawing, and the other is a speed drawing video. The quality of these will get better as I work out the technical stuff! Have a watch and let me know what you think… Drawing Warm Up Exercises 

Small Head

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When: Aug, 2017 Duration: Can’t remember What: A woman enjoying her lunch and phone Where: Tumbalong Park, Sydney Details: Here is another sketch from that one Sydney park at lunchtime. I gave no respect to proportions here whatsoever, and I love the result. Her head and body are really small compared to her legs! If I’m sketching for my own […]

Hands Up

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I’ve been working on some hands lately. I wouldn’t say I’m “fluent” in hands, meaning I can’t get always get them right off the top of my head. But I feel I’m getting there. I’ve been working on different hand gestures that put the fingers into some interesting angles. When it comes to drawing anatomy […]

Bench Reports

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When: Aug, 2017 Duration: Can’t remember What: Man needing to finish the reports by lunchtime Where: Tumbalong Park, Sydney Details: I had a lot of time to kill and it was a nice sunny day in this Sydney park. It was lunchtime and many office workers were taking a break in the sun. My eyes were drawn to this chap […]

Vietnam: Woman Waiting

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When: Aug, 2018 Duration: 37 mins What: A woman waiting in a cafe Where: The Coffee House, Ho Chi Minh Details: Sunday afternoon cafe sketch of a woman across the way. I used intermittent, stealth-glances to get the gist of her without blowing my cover. After she left, the gentleman next to me, who was watching me draw this, leaned […]

Baby Legs

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When: Apr, 2018 Duration: Initial sketch – 20mins, post-sketch touch-ups – 90mins What: A man with baby legs Where: Another cafe in Melbourne. Details: “Why the long face?” “I woke up this morning and I had baby legs.” “I’m sure it’ll pass.” The results of another half finished sketch; this time I failed to get the legs in on […]

You’re Next

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When: Apr, 2018 Duration: 90mins What: A man in spandex latin-dancing his way towards his next victim Where: In my head Details: It’s not his moves that will get you it’s his eyes. Sometimes I like to have a go at doing my own silly drawings off the top of my head to exercise my imagination. I started with […]

Good Fat Stores

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When: Feb, 2018 Duration: Initial sketch – 30mins, post-touch-ups – 40mins What: Another dude just chilling in a cafe Where: Some cafe in Melbourne Details: Arms are difficult. Well they’re not, they’re difficult if you’re trying to draw them and the inconsiderate person keeps moving or flailing about like a crazy idiot. I can’t quite remember what happened when […]

Reading Man

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When: March, 2018 Duration: Initial sketch + watercolour – 60mins, post-touch-ups – 15mins What: A reading man Where: Krimper cafe, Melbourne Details: Here was a man reading in a cafe. I was grateful for him sitting in the same position for pretty much an hour, allowing me to go to town on that there shading. I even had time to […]

Sharp Lady

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When: March, 2018 Duration: Inital sketch – 45mins, post-touch-ups –  70mins What: Yeah, I don’t really know … spectral assassin lady? Where: Royal Botanical Gardens, Melbourne Details: ‘Twas a sunny Sunday afternoon which I spent sitting in the beautiful BotanGar (as I like to call them). I came across this lady sitting by the lake with her lover. They […]

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