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Welcome back. The last few days I have been getting back into pencil. Since I found the brush pen, I’ve been working mostly in ink. I recently became conscious of neglecting my bread and butter, the pencil. As I feel I need to keep all my skills sharp, here’s are a few pencil creations I’ve done recently:

A floating gentleman on his mobile device. He’s floating. It looks like his eyes are closed but actually he is looking down at his phone, I just need to be better is all.

All the sketches here were created with three tools:

The tools

I use a click pencil for the line work and darker areas of shadow. A very light pencil like a 5H or 6H for light areas of shade. And my trusted Pentel eraser pen for accurate erasing.

So I decided to sit down on the couch and do a pencil drawing because I bought a new sketchbook and wanted to fill it with pencil drawings. This is the first one.

Nothing around really inspired me more than my mini Fender amp. Later I decided to throw a mug in there to make it a bit more exciting. Then, I decided to make it look as if the mug was filled with some sort of pyramid-shaped marshmallow looking things. I don’t know!

I had to photo this one because the scanner wasn’t picking up some of the line work. Anyway, it was a cafe sketch of an enthusiastic man, who from my estimation was on a date. I’m pretty sure he never actually uttered the words “Listen babe”, but the pose I captured him in seems to go well with that caption.

I hope you enjoyed this stuff? I honestly have no idea!


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  1. Michelle Fouche
    14th May, 2017

    Thanks for the share Ainsley! Love the floating mobile addicted dude…I see that all the time and even had a a few walk into me because of the intense relationship with their smartphones. Smartphone, silly human…
    “Listen babe” is the perfect captain! Made me laugh so much :). Love the variations in your line work and now I can try the same too as you shared your armor. Very cool and keep up the sketching! #powertothepencil

    • Ains
      15th May, 2017

      Hey Michelle!

      Thanks for the kind words, glad it made you laugh!
      Working in pencil can take a little longer but it can be worth the extra effort.