Chronicles of Colombia

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A couple of months ago I was in Colombia doing a bit of reconnecting with family, improving Spanish and, of course drawing… Santa Marta My trip started in Santa Marta, on the northern coast of Colombia. A place of beaches and heat.

Pandora’s Head and Artistic Licence

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Pandora’s head is not here. Yet. In my latest video (below), I finally give Pandora the head she deserves. She’s been waiting over a decade. You may know that I often go out sketching and end up with unfinished drawings. This can be for a multitude of reasons; the person I’m drawing inconsiderately decides to […]

Copic Pen Shading

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Video Number Five Another video was made! In this one, I chat a little bit about shading, specifically Copic marker shading. I take you through a quick process of how I shaded the image below. Copic Markers are a pretty popular tool for colouring artwork, and especially for shading ink drawings. 

Hands On T-shirts

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A little story about some t-shirt designs It started with a goal of getting better at drawing hands. Ask any artist and they will say drawing hands are one of the most frustrating areas of the human anatomy to make look right. So I did a lot of sketching hands of strangers in cafes, from […]

Some New Drawing Videos

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I made a couple of videos. One’s a tutorial video on warm up exercises for drawing, and the other is a speed drawing video. The quality of these will get better as I work out the technical stuff! Have a watch and let me know what you think… Drawing Warm Up Exercises 

What You Need to Start Your Career as an Illustrator (7 Things) – UPDATED

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What You Need to Start Your Career as an Illustrator (7 Things) – UPDATED

NOTE: I have updated this a little since originally posting it in 2015; I have now added point three. I received an email a while back from another artist who was just starting out. He had a great portfolio of work but was unsure about how to launch off into the illustration world. Looking back, almost 10 […]

Small Head

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When: Aug, 2017 Duration: Can’t remember What: A woman enjoying her lunch and phone Where: Tumbalong Park, Sydney Details: Here is another sketch from that one Sydney park at lunchtime. I gave no respect to proportions here whatsoever, and I love the result. Her head and body are really small compared to her legs! If I’m sketching for my own […]

Hands Up

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I’ve been working on some hands lately. I wouldn’t say I’m “fluent” in hands, meaning I can’t get always get them right off the top of my head. But I feel I’m getting there. I’ve been working on different hand gestures that put the fingers into some interesting angles. When it comes to drawing anatomy […]

Bench Reports

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When: Aug, 2017 Duration: Can’t remember What: Man needing to finish the reports by lunchtime Where: Tumbalong Park, Sydney Details: I had a lot of time to kill and it was a nice sunny day in this Sydney park. It was lunchtime and many office workers were taking a break in the sun. My eyes were drawn to this chap […]

Vietnam: Woman Waiting

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When: Aug, 2018 Duration: 37 mins What: A woman waiting in a cafe Where: The Coffee House, Ho Chi Minh Details: Sunday afternoon cafe sketch of a woman across the way. I used intermittent, stealth-glances to get the gist of her without blowing my cover. After she left, the gentleman next to me, who was watching me draw this, leaned […]

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