I’m an illustrator that likes to draw unusual things…


W H A T   K I N D   O F   T H I N G S ?

Well, my artwork centres on trying to find a more “interesting” perspective for whatever I’m drawing. Everything I create I like to give a twist or an angle that makes it more refreshing.


W H O   F O R ?

I’ve produced work for a variety of clients in the shape of books, animation, stage design, magazines, as well as live drawing events. I’m represented by The Drawing Arm illustration agency. When I’m not working on commission projects, I create art for sale, which I sell exclusively to my wonderful subscribers through my email newsletter (you can subscribe below).



B L O G !

I post new art regularly, alongside some honest and personal ramblings. I like to share my process too!


W H A T   E L S E ? !

I play Tetris almost everyday. There’s nothing wrong with me, it’s just a means of relaxation and meditation, AND fun. I consider myself an expert and my hi-score is currently 1,972,676.


C A N   W E   C H A T   A N D   S T U F F ?

If you want to email me and say hello or ask a question I would love nothing more, and you can do so here: SAY HELLO. Also you can keep updated on new artwork and artwork for sale by subscribing to the newsletter below!


Thank you for stopping by! … Bye!

~ Ainsley ~